what to do when you’re feeling directionless

Feeling lost sucks but ultimately it’s about doing something when you feel totally aimless. Traveling can help when you’re feeling directionless, which is ironic that getting lost in a new place can simultaneously help you find some direction. But it’s pretty true for me, and has really helped me gain some insight into what to…

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friendship breakups

Friendship breakups feel like your world is ending. At least for me. It’s like you’ve lost a part of yourself, an arm or something, and unfortunately it’s not coming back. Everyone talks about romantic breakups in movies, songs, and tv shows, but what about the gut-wrenching feeling of getting into a fight with your best…

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20’s: the worst and best decade

Most people in their 20’s are so obsessed with spending time with other people, so obsessed that I feel like they actually forget to spend time in a way that will benefit them in the long run. If you’re in your 20’s and haven’t read a single book on the subject, I’m praying for you,…

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breakups suck

After months of having no clue what to do with my time and no desire to do anything I used to like doing for that matter, I finally decided to make a post about the only thing I’ve been thinking about for the past few months: breakups suck. Inspired by Cazzie David’s book of essays,…

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photography of bridge during nighttime

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