What my blog is about

Unlike a lot of the popular bloggers I follow, I kind of just write under two main categories and go from there. I was inspired to add an essays section on my blog after reading a book of essays I really enjoyed and started writing them recently. Still fairly new, so let’s hope they get a little better soon. Other than that, I have a lot of recs on makeup and books, places to visit around NYC, and thoughts on being in your 20’s. Some other random thoughts and things too.

Why I started blogging

Not really sure why I started this blog but happy to see where it goes. I feel like most people have a really enthralling mission or story of why they started a blog, mine, not really either.

About me

I work in marketing and live in New York, and I have a background in Public Relations, which was a completely random decision in college. I guess it led me to where I am now which I’m not mad about. I love Spotify and yes I’m a fan of spotify wrapped, mostly because I love seeing people’s top artists. I love my friends dogs but will never get one of my own living in New York, and I love quoting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.