new beauty products i’m using

Some of these were free gifts from Sephora, but most of these I decided to try myself after seeing them enough on my timeline (thanks targeted Insta ads).

Flamingo At-Home Waxing Strips

I see an esthetician once a month, but it’s always nice to have waxing strips on hand when you need a wax between 4-week appointments. These waxing strips are no heat and budget-friendly.

Colgate Teeth Overnight Whitening Pen

I didn’t see great results from this, and then I flew with the pen and it became matted and I had to dispose of it fairly quickly. I don’t recommend – I think there are better brands out there for teeth whitening.

Rael Miracle Patch 3-Step Pore Melting Pack

I didn’t find this to work well either. I didn’t see great results, but maybe you have to use it a few times, consistently to see real results.

Rael Miracle Clear Oil Control Mist

I so wish I could report back a positive review on this one, but unfortunately, I just don’t feel like it controlled the oil on my skin when I applied makeup.

Rael Ultimate Pimple Patch Kit

These work! That’s all. Purchase for emergencies.

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Cleansing Balm *free gift

LOVED this free gift. It works very well, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

Laneige Blue Hyaluronic Moisturizer *free gift

Huge fan of this, but not my absolute favorite on this list.

Versace Dylan Turquoise Perfume *free gift

Love, love, LOVE! I am just a fan of Versace perfume in general, but this one was a new one and I really enjoyed it.

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

One of my FAVORITE perfumes – a classic. Definitely test it in Sephora before purchasing because it’s on the pricey side, but definitely worth it for a classic, always reliable scent.

Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick | GWP *free gift

I tried this eyeshadow stick out and really loved it – it speeds up your eye makeup process quite a bit.

Mally Face Defender with Sponge

This product was very dissappointing. I feel like it didn’t come out on the sponge well, and it was hard to apply. Do not really reccommend, but maybe I need to give it a second chance…

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation (3 Cool)

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite beauty brands, so it just makes sense this product turned into one of my favorites. With it’s medium coverage and cool tone my skin tone evens out, especially when mixed with a primer that compliments my skin type. I chose a cool toned foundation, but they have warm or neutral tones as well.

Kylie Skin

Review of this product linked here!

hope you enjoyed this post, xoxo

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