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good reads part 2

As everyone always says, I’ve been trying to read more. But really, I’ve made it a focus to spend my free time reading. Finishing a book feels good and I need more feel-good moments in my life. I usually read non-fiction books which is extremely boring to most people and extremely interesting to me, but I’ve been trying to read more novels, and I’ve been kind of successful at that.

Normal People is a romance novel, I liked it, I heard some people didn’t. It’s a nice escape, especially when you’re riding the Q train and you want to forget you’re in a train car that has a weird smell.

My Body is a biography I just bought which I actually haven’t read yet but I heard it’s good from trusted sources so I’m going to read this next. The author Emrata is a model and actress, who also actually just started a podcast if you’re into those.

I’ll keep adding to this list in new posts, but this is what I’m currently reading and reading next. I kind of want to read the book Gone Girl because I liked the movie, but sometimes I feel like when you’ve seen the movie first it ruins the book if you read it after. Who knows, I guess it’s worth a try.

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