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the best date spots in nyc

You’re excited to meet someone for your first date, but you’re racking your brain for the absolute best date spot you can think of. But there are so many factors to consider. Is he from Queens, Brooklyn? Well it doesn’t really matter because he should be coming to you wherever you are anyways. You also don’t want to choose too serious of a place if it’s a casual first date. If you overthink like me, I did the googling for you so you don’t have to spend an hour researching before you choose a place.


Uva has a romantic atmosphere which is perfect if you’re going on a serious first date with someone you know pretty well. I wouldn’t go here with just anyone, so tread lightly when using this option.

Amelie Wine Bar

There’s a location in West Village & on the Upper West Side, so you can choose whichever one is closest to you and make your date come to you, obviously. This is a great place for a drinks and app date, so you can get something light (who ever gets something not light on a date anyways?) and chat but you’re not committed to a full night of dinner with someone – best for someone you don’t know as well in case they turn out to be one of the stories your group chat laughs at vs an actual dating option.

Tiki Chick

Tiki Chick is a great casual spot for drinks. Whether you just met someone or you’ve known them for a few weeks, if you want a casual, fun vibe, this is the place to visit.


Jadis has an extensive menu of drinks and dishes, basically anything perfect for a first date. I’d recommend getting an appetizer to share and then one of the french classics.

The Nines

If you’re looking for amazing cocktails, this restaurant is the place for you. Make sure to come prepared to buy a drink though, and probably still have a good time even if your date is a loser.

Ludlow Hotel

Ludlow Hotel is the last option I’m adding, which is more of a chill vibe than anything else. I’d go here if you’re going out with someone from Brooklyn but dragging them to Manhattan.

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