the best perfume scents

Choosing a perfume scent is deeply personal. I was hesitant to share these, because it is really personal taste, but maybe someone will discover a new scent they fall in love with. Below are the best perfume scents I’m using right now!

How to Choose a Scent

You need to consider how you’re choosing your scents. I don’t recommend just googling “best perfume scents” and seeing what comes up, dropping that into your shopping cart, and calling it a day. It’s a process. I’d gather a few scents from different scent categories (for instance, some floral, some fresh) after some research and then go get test-sized bottles at the store. Sephora usually allows you to test a lot of scents in-store, so I’d spend some time understanding what kinds of scents you like and go from there. Don’t just get the most popular one trending on TikTok, or the scent your favorite influencer swears by, get something that’s you – that is what will make the hefty price tag worth it.

Versace – Bright Crystal

This is a floral scent that blends the scents of yuzu and pomegranate, making it a very floral, sensual scent. Perfect for dates!

Replica – Sailing Day

This is a fresh scent that is under the fresh aquatics umbrella – meaning that it’s super refreshing and good for everyday use in my opinion 🙂

Estee Lauder – Beautiful Belle

Another floral scent that’s definitely sensual as well. This was created to make the modern woman feel like “the most beautiful woman in the room” – I highly recommend wearing this for parties, intimate events, or dates!

Nest – Seville Orange

This is a fresh citrus/fruit scent that is fun for wearing in everyday situations, sometimes 🙂 I like to switch between this and Replica’s scent for everyday use, and then use Estee Lauder’s or Versace’s for evening events.

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