things to do in new paltz, ny

I visited a cute little town in upstate New York about 1.5 hours from Manhattan, here are all the details for a weekend-trip itinerary.

Where to Stay

Airbnbs are fair prices in New Paltz, but you’ll want to save up a bit for this trip if you want a spacious spot with good views. We spent about $600-700 on our Airbnb for three days – Below are some photos of how high quality our Airbnb was!

What to Do

Here’s our itinerary for our 3-day vacation in New Paltz which included a spa day, brunch, & exploring shopping in the area.

Mohonk Mountain House

Start one of your mornings with a relaxing spa day at Mohonk Mountain House, which was about a 20-minute drive from our Airbnb. They offer a wide variety of services – I recommend a full-body massage and a facial. Each appointment is extremely relaxing and refreshing.

Main Street Bistro

I prefer eating later in the day, so I went here after the morning at the spa, but you could do it before if that’s what you prefer. Visit the Main Street Bistro for delicious breakfast food! If you want to know our order, comment below and I will let you know more details 🙂

Water Street Market

There are some adorable little shops here you have to check out when you’re looking for things to do in New Paltz. You could spend a whole day shopping for gifts here – it’s the perfect place to get presents for friends and family. Grazery sells local beer, flowers, and cheese and has really nice decor inside! This was a nice way to walk around and get to know the area even in the snow.

There are plenty of other things to do in New Paltz, NY, although we spent a decent amount of this vacation at our Airbnb. We were going to do some hiking, but we ended up staying in that day because of the snow. In better weather, I’d recommend hiking the Millbrook Mountain Trail. It takes about 2.5 hours to complete and is considered a moderately challenging trail.

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