reminiscing on fall in nyc

I was recently going through photos on my phone and found some from the best season there is. Fall is my favorite season, and fall in New York City is… as corny as it sounds, magical. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and every walk you take you’re reminded of the fleeting joys of warmer weather. I personally also love overcast weather and that is more common in the fall time than in summer.

My favorite part about Central Park is the dogs off of leashes in the morning. But my very close second favorite thing is all the people you see there! There are all kinds of people in Central Park at any given hour during the day, all trying to soak up the enjoyment of being in the park. Everyone is there to enjoy nature and the space away from the busy streets of Manhattan. We all know Manhattan is a melting pot of people, cultures, and backgrounds, and Central Park is no different.

What I find most interesting is the difference between the types of people that live in Manhattan; there are those that go out until 4:00am when the bars close and sleep until 2:00pm the next day, which makes up a large part of the extroverted Manhattan population, but there are also the people more like me, who enjoy getting a good nights sleep on a Friday night and waking up for some time in Central Park in the morning. On a typical Saturday morning in Central Park, you can find many people running, biking, or walking through the park’s many trails. This is what I enjoy about walking through the park on a Saturday morning, even if I’m by myself, it makes me feel less alone in not enjoying staying out until 4:00am when the bar closes. There are so many others just like me, in New York to enjoy things like a morning walk in Central Park, and the community feeling of that makes up for the sometimes lonely feeling you can get being in a big city.

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  1. The best way to get out of the house in NYC in my opinion!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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