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Reading calms my nerves and takes me to a place that often calms me when I am feeling anxious. If I’ve had a rough day, I usually try to check two things off my list: going for a walk and reading. These two things impact me deeply because they help me stop thinking about my anxieties or stressors for a while and once I return to them, they’re never as bad or as daunting as they seemed before. I recommend trying to fit reading into your schedule, even one or two pages if that’s all you can do at one time. You’ll get better at it over time and learn to enjoy the time escaping from the stress of everyday life. I really enjoy well-researched books and that’s what I’ve been reading lately. Here are my book recs for this month:

The Body Keeps The Score

This is a book on trauma I’m currently rereading because it was so informative and insightful the first time around. As the book says, “trauma is a fact of life,” so I thought this was a book many people would be able to relate to. This book is full of interesting content related to understanding your trauma, how it affects you, and how to overcome it. I think a big part of trauma can be the daunting, am I ever going to move past this feeling a lot of us often experience when we go through something traumatic. It can weigh you down, cause you low self-esteem, and ultimately take away your passion for life. This book was instrumental in my healing through understanding better how trauma affects the body and how you can overcome the things that may have been holding you back for months, even years. This book has truly changed my life and I cannot recommend it enough!

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

I am still currently reading this book. It’s… something you need to keep an open mind for. The book has three parts and I still haven’t gotten to the best part, the third part, where the author outlines the exercises that will improve your life. The book takes the stance that you are not hardwired to be a certain way or be a certain person. The book gives step-by-step instructions on how to improve in any area of life, and who wouldn’t want that? It’s something I’m constantly trying to do and that’s what initially urged me to purchase this book. It is definitely one of the more out-there (does that even make sense?!) books I’ve read in a while, but I find the perspective to be refreshingly different from what I typically consume. It has a certain motivational tone to it that you can overcome anything with the right mindset. It’s worth a shot if you’ve been feeling stuck in life to see if this book could possibly help you. And let me know if it does, I still haven’t finished it yet!


I’ve never found a book that really gets me as much as this one does. And I’m not even done with it yet! This book dives into what it means to be an introvert or an extrovert, and more specifically, the power behind being introverted in a world that favors extroverts. I’ve never felt more seen by a book, ever, and I’ve read quite a lot of self-help books. This one really hit home. Even if you are not an introvert, I highly recommend reading this book because it will give you a much bigger appreciation for those that are on the quieter side, those who prefer listening over speaking, or a quiet night in instead of going out. Check this book out for a change of view on people and how you view yourself if you’re introverted.

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  1. I read Quiet many years ago, and being a definite extrovert, I never fully appreciated my quiet students until this book opened my eyes. It revolutionized my entire teaching philosophy and style.

    1. I’m so glad you found the book moving as well! Thanks for reading, Rae 🙂

  2. […] Carve time out of your day to spend visualizing your goals happening. This may feel strange the first few times you do it, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll feel natural. Envision yourself 20 pounds lighter and how you will feel in that state. Imagine yourself making coffee in the morning at home and skipping the stop to Starbucks on the way to work. These things will pull you closer to that realty and that timeline, because you’re spending your time thinking in that state of being. I’ve read a pretty interesting book on this subject that I describe in the post linked here. […]

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