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I was so curious about the Kylie Jenner beauty products when they came out, but it took me awhile before actually trying them out. I thought the products were a bit too expensive to purchase (incase they ended up not being very good quality), but one of my friends actually ended up buying me a matte lipstick for Christmas! She knew I wanted to try the products, so she got me the color of lipstick I’d been looking for, a bold red. Find the product here on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

Why did I choose to do a Kylie Jenner lip kit review? I chose to do a Kylie Jenner lip kit review for a few reasons:

Her products are expensive. Almost $20 for one lipstick seems steep to me. I reserve that kind of spending for something that is designer-level makeup, such as Charlotte Tilbury or Chanel. A Kylie Jenner lip kit review is important to let my other makeup enthusiasts know if Kylie Jenner’s products are really worth the price.

There were some things I didn’t like about the product. I feel like a lot of my posts on here are about my favorites – favorite italian restaurant, favorite fashion brands, favorite books – but what about the products, experiences, and items I don’t love the most? What I don’t like about them might be a shared belief by my followers, and I want to both hear my followers input and opinions, as well as be transparent and authentic to my own taste on my blog, which means sharing posts about products that aren’t my absolute favorite.

I want to inspire my readers to try new things and experiences. Although this is just a post about one small lipstick, it can be an an inspiration to try something new. I hadn’t found a red lip I particularly loved for a while, so I hadn’t worn a bold makeup look with a red lip in quite some time. Doing such a look can be a bold change from your regular lipstick. My friends all noticed the new makeup look and even commented on it (all good comments of course!). I hope that my blog inspires my readers to life their best life, which means they must try new things and figure out what they like, and what they don’t like.

The Application

I’ve worn this lipstick on a few occasions, but the most recent time was the one I wore makeup for an entire evening, so I’ll be using this experience as my example to review. I think it gives the best full-picture and wear of the makeup. I have to say, the scent of this product is AMAZING. It is so enjoyable to apply because of the beautiful scent it comes in. I wanted to keep applying it just for the scent! So my first impression was off to a good start.

Once applied, which I apply this lipstick with the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in the matching red color, I really liked how it looked. It is a thick consistency that dries true to matte – no other matte lipstick I have used has been this easy to apply and have it dry the consistency that I desire. You have to be careful while applying this product. One wrong move and you have ruined all of the foundation around your lips and may have a stain on your skin for the rest of your night! That’s how potent this lipstick is, so be careful when applying and ensure you are completely focused on the liner around your lips.

The Wear

I wore this lipstick bike-riding through the city, a dinner, and a Halloween bar-hopping evening. I only had to re-apply the lip color once throughout the day and evening, which I’d say is pretty good wear considering all of the activities I did. I did notice that, closer to the end of the night, the lipstick color wore off on the inside part of my lips. This made some photos turn out weird-looking when I smiled without my teeth: My lips were pressed up against my teeth and therefore flattened, causing the parts of my lip that had missing lipstick to appear much more obviously. I did not like this at all and couldn’t use any of the photos taken with that kind of smile. The photos I took smiling with my teeth, however, all turned out great. The lipstick appears a bold red even in photos, which is what I was looking for in this product.

I wouldn’t say Kylie Cosmetics is now my favorite beauty brand, but it is one I would buy from again. The product I tried was well-made and did its job better than most matte lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. Usually, they are just a bit too shiny to be considered matte and wear off quite early in the evening. I’d recommend this lipstick as a gift to a friend, or a pick-me-up purchase for yourself. This is a nice gift for someone who wears bold lip colors and also someone who doesn’t, because you may introduce them to a new makeup look they have never tried before! I’d say if you’re looking for a nice matte lipstick, any of the Kylie Cosmetics colors would be a safe bet.

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