charlotte tillbury makeup haul

Charlotte Tillbury is one of my favorite makeup brands to purchase from. They have a wide range of products to choose from and their products last a really long time. They also give away free samples with every purchase! Most makeup brands do this but I still get excited over the free samples. On top of that, they have a foundation matching feature on their website that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and match your makeup to find the perfect shade of foundation… we love.


I bought this product for two reasons: I needed new mascara, but I also tried a sample of their mascara and loved it. After purchasing it and trying this mascara out, I realized it was actually not the same one – The sample mascara I tried out was called Legendary Lashes Volume 2. I really loved the sample, but I didn’t fall quite as in love with the Pillow Talk one. Although it has amazing reviews (and TBH is a super nice mascara!), I don’t think the wand shape suits my lashes. The wand is a thin brush with thin, short brush pieces on it (why is this so hard to describe?!), and I have short, thin lashes that really need a bold wand to apply mascara correctly. Otherwise, the mascara is not noticeable unless I do multiple coats (ESPECIALLY when I don’t curl my lashes, which I’m trying to do less since I saw on TikTok it’s bad for your lashes). I give this mascara a 5/10 – It’s a solid buy but not the type of wand I was looking for.


To put it simply, I LOVED THIS FOUNDATION. Mostly for the color match which I mentioned earlier, but really, I loved this product! It matches perfectly to my skin and gives me a super even, nice glow. It works even better if you use a primer and setting spray (duh) and holds up pretty well through an evening of drinks. It’s more coverage than I’m used to, as I use a bb cream typically, but if you’re looking for a glam look, this is a perfect purchase for you.

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