the glossier product that changed my life

I did not believe in the Glossier hype at first. Everyone I knew was posting their orders to their stories on Instagram, acting like they were a Kardashian receiving a PR package from JLo. I just didn’t believe that the products were that good. I told myself for a while they were overpriced, overhyped products that weren’t worth it – until I tried Cloud Paint.

Cloud Paint is a buildable cream blush that is sheer but capable of layering. It gives you a very natural look that appears like you simply rolled out of bed glowing. After reading more about the product on their website, I’ve learned that they use ‘special blurring pigments’ which basically gives you a softer look when using Cloud Paint, basically, again, just glowing in all the right ways. Overall the product is very dewy, natural-looking, and makes you look like you’re glowing.

This product changed my makeup routine for the better. I’ll make another post and link it here soon on my makeup routine and what products I use, but for now, just trust me when I say that my makeup routine has vastly changed because of Cloud Paint. I only have one color as of now, but I’ll be ordering more soon – as many as I can get my hands on (and that my bank account allows).

Here is their website if you’d like to check out more of their beauty products. Given my experience with Cloud Paint by Glossier, I truly doubt any of their other products will disappoint. I highly recommend trying out some of their other products – I will definitely be reviewing more in the future.

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