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I’m a music-obsessed Chicago native navigating New York City one blog post at a time.

  • the best date spots in nyc

    the best date spots in nyc

    You’re excited to meet someone for your first date, but you’re racking your brain for the absolute best date spot you can think of. But there are so many factors to consider. Is he from Queens, Brooklyn? Well it doesn’t really matter because he should be coming to you wherever you are anyways. You also […]

  • the best perfume scents

    the best perfume scents

    Choosing a perfume scent is deeply personal. I was hesitant to share these, because it is really personal taste, but maybe someone will discover a new scent they fall in love with. Below are the best perfume scents I’m using right now! How to Choose a Scent You need to consider how you’re choosing your […]

  • how to handle anxiety

    how to handle anxiety

    I think everyone gets anxiety from time to time. A big issue with anxiety is when it impairs your ability to function, or ability to complete daily tasks. There’s a lot of different types of anxiety. I am also not a doctor or expert in mental health, so this is basically just my take on […]

  • switching careers

    switching careers

    Switching careers isn’t easy. Even in your first few years in the workforce, it’s not easy. Once you’ve gotten yourself into an industry or skill-set, companies often don’t want to hire you for something that you’re not well-versed in. Here’s my best advice on how to switch careers. Go The Non-Traditional Route Find a company […]

  • how i take care of my mental health

    how i take care of my mental health

    Taking care of your mental health is key to finding joy in the everyday. I think this is the most important aspect of your day-to-day happiness and perhaps one of the easiest if you implement it correctly. Here are some easy items to incorporate into your every day that will improve your mental health. Take […]

  • time away from the city

    time away from the city

    Time away from the city is so so important for my mental health. I visit Indiana lots because my boyfriend’s family lives there, and before you judge, it’s actually kind of beautiful sometimes. There are actual trees (!) and some sort of nature and slow pace mentality that can be really refreshing when you live […]

  • reminiscing on fall in nyc

    reminiscing on fall in nyc

    I was recently going through photos on my phone and found some from the best season there is. Fall is my favorite season, and fall in New York City is… as corny as it sounds, magical. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and every walk you take you’re reminded of the fleeting joys […]

  • books i’m reading

    books i’m reading

    Reading calms my nerves and takes me to a place that often calms me when I am feeling anxious. If I’ve had a rough day, I usually try to check two things off my list: going for a walk and reading. These two things impact me deeply because they help me stop thinking about my […]

  • lip kit review

    lip kit review

    I was so curious about the Kylie Jenner beauty products when they came out, but it took me awhile before actually trying them out. I thought the products were a bit too expensive to purchase (incase they ended up not being very good quality), but one of my friends actually ended up buying me a […]

  • the perfect saturday in chicago

    the perfect saturday in chicago

    Homesickness is really real when you live what feels like ten billion miles away from home. I stopped by for a weekend in Chicago to refresh myself and make sure I was still alive (joking) but actually not. Here’s what I got done for my self-care weekend. Highly recommend if you need a reset, no […]

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I currently work in marketing and live in New York City. I have a background in Public Relations. When I’m not blogging, you’ll find me traveling as much as I can, heading off to a concert, discovering new music, or on a walk through the city.

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