• amazon clothing haul

    I’m a big fan of wearing all black fits, so naturally that’s what I ordered when looking for a new look to wear on my walks in Central Park. Outfit details linked here: top, skirt, boots. The top was a good price for what you get – a cropped knit sweater that’s perfect with a […]


  • new beauty products i’m using

    Some of these were free gifts from Sephora, but most of these I decided to try myself after seeing them enough on my timeline (thanks targeted Insta ads). Flamingo At-Home Waxing Strips I see an esthetician once a month, but it’s always nice to have waxing strips on hand when you need a wax between […]


  • kylie skin products review

    The Kardashians are a love it or hate it brand, and I’m a fan. I tried the Kylie Skin travel-sized kit, a gift from a best friend for Christmas, and absolutely love it. The skin care routine is fairly easy to use, basically takes 5 minutes every morning and evening. My skin feels like it’s […]


  • things to do in beacon, ny

    If you’re wondering (which you’re probably not), I love doing things by myself (which I’ve talked about a lot on here, probably too much). Which is why I planned a trip to Beacon by myself for a long weekend. I’ve written another post on traveling by yourself, but I won’t get into that now. I […]



aerial photography of city during daytime
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